What is a Classic Cars service app?

Classic cars do not have a car computer like modern cars. Therefore it is important to have a tool that reminds of important service works like regular engine oil changes, brake renewal or annual maintenance.

This app is born from the passion about classic cars and should be a useful tool for all the fans and owners of these classic cars. Please join our community to improve the app.

Easy classic cars administration

Administer all your classic cars in one app. Keep control about your costs.

Digital service checkbook

Save all your cars service and repair works to have a well-kept history of your classic car in case of sale.

Service reminder

Let the app inform you about the next service dates and estimated costs.

More Features

Find your nearest classic cars specialised garages and dealers. Get tips about your classic car. Share nice routes with the community.

Screenshots of the Classic Cars Service App
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Can I use the app without an iOS or Android mobile or tablet?
The app is developed as HTML app and therefore can be used at any computer, tablet or mobile device with a modern internet browser. Here is the link…

Why do have to register with my email address?
First of all the Classic Cars service app needs your email address to send service reminder mails to your email account. Otherwise it is used during registration to verify that you are a human being. Your email address will also be your login name.

I am a classic car dealer or I have a classic car garage. How can I be listed in this app?
Just contact me at app[et]seleven.de.

I would like to present my classic car at "pictures of the day".
Just send me your photos to app[et]seleven.de with subject "picture of the day" and some information about your car and if you want your name to be published, too.

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